Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services

OPS is the only private prosthetic & orthotic clinical facility in WA to offer a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation service to its clients. A Rehabilitation Consultant and a Physiotherapist work onsite with OPS clinicians to form a cohesive team focused on client’s recovery and ongoing care. This service is available to both orthotic and prosthetic clients.

Rehabilitation Consultant

Our rehabilitation consultant can provide you with a rehabilitation plan that involves you, your carers and community services.

Dr Anne Brady is available to monitor your medical progress. She can also assist you by adjusting medications, reviewing wounds as well as seeking advice from other medical specialists as required. She has many valuable contacts including occupational therapists, psychologists and social workers. Dr Brady consults on a monthly basis at our rooms in Joondalup.

To Book an appointment contact our reception on 9328 8022.


Initially, our physiotherapist will assist you in regaining your balance, flexibility, strength and stamina. He will devise exercise programs specific to each client’s individual needs and capabilities.

He will take you through gait re-education from the initial fitting stages of the first prosthesis through to advanced functioning (eg recreational activities, return to work) As there will be times when the prosthesis is not worn, he will also teach you how to move around safely and effectively without your prosthesis. All our clients who require specific programs will have the opportunity to access his expertise if they choose.

When you receive a new prosthetic prescription, our physiotherapist will be available to assist you in adjusting to your new limb. This is particularly important for those clients who are fitted with advanced technology prostheses.

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